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Welcome to PDCA Net official website.  PDCA Net- Training and Consultancy company- is based in USA specialized in Consulting, Training & Development, Recruiting, Project & Event Management, Counterfeit and Mystery Shopping in different areas of management.  PDCA covers the Middle East region and USA, with over 100 major clients and 5 years of experience.  This website was created in order to keep all PDCA Net Members, Clients, Auditors and Suppliers updated to all news and activities.  Websites are primary necessity in social and business life, as a fast and cheap tool for communication in between stakeholders everywhere and to make work more effective and efficient.  For this reason, PDCA Net has created this website and online system in English to achieve its objectives and remove all boundaries in between its stakeholders.

Are you a PDCA Net Client, supplier, member… are you a previous stakeholder? Do you need help? Do you have any comments and/or suggestions? Are you a potential stakeholder? Are you simply interested in getting a quotation for one of the activities we provide? This site has been structured to help you find the information that you need as quickly as possible, in a confidential, safe and easy way.

This web-system consists of 5 major parts, beside the social links, the search engine, the news toolbar, the sponsors ads, and the login sections:
Standards and Audits where one could find information and updates about the most used International Standards in a simple way, and how each is audited and certified, beside information about the Accreditation and Certification bodies all over the world.

About PDCA its Foundation and Scope of Service, PDCA Logo, Mission Statement, Objectives, Advantages and Strength, Structure, a brief about PDCA Internal Regulations, Job Analysis, Terms and Conditions, How to contact us and the Comments/Suggestions sections, Beside the listing of some of PDCA Net Clients, Suppliers and Members and the template to apply to become a Client, Supplier or Member after the management’s approval.

PDCA Services including the six PDCA Net products:

  1. Consulting and Auditing for International Standards
  2. Training and Development that contains the training listing (previous and upcoming)
  3. Recruiting including the apply section for an existing posting and the Search or Request section to post or to search for an existing job
  4. Mystery Shopping
  5. Counterfeit
  6. Event and Project Management

For each of these sections one should be registered as a client and approved, then fill the questionnaire relevant to the service required, before getting a draft quotation for that service.

Glossary it contains the meaning and explanation of most used and common business words or terms in English, with a link to request the meaning of a missing one.

Miscellaneous that contains the Picture Gallery, the listing of all PDCA Net Events and Projects, the Sponsor’s list, the Guest Book, the website Rating, FAQ list with a link to send a missing question, the Signs and Conversions from one system to another.

Register yourself as a Client, Supplier or Member and when approved as a stakeholder, log-in (using the Username and Password that you have previously added in your online application) to continue your request, offer and/or work application... To update your profile, to check your account, your activity status, reports, schedule…

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