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Certification and Accreditation:
In the context of ISO, "certification" refers to the issuing of written assurance (the certificate) by an independent external body that it has audited a management system and verified that it conforms to the requirements specified in the standard.

"Registration" means that the auditing body then records the certification in its client register.  So, the organization´s management system has been both certified and registered.  Therefore, in the ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 context, the difference between the two terms is not significant and both are acceptable for general use.  "Certification" is the term most widely used worldwide, and it is used interchangeably as "Registration".

On the contrary, using "accreditation" as an interchangeable alternative for certification or registration is a mistake, because it means something different.

In the ISO context, accreditation refers to the formal recognition by a specialized body "an accreditation body" that a certification body is competent to carry out certification in specified business sectors.  In simple terms, accreditation is like certification of the certification body.  Certificates issued by accredited certification bodies may be perceived on the market as having increased credibility.

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