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Rapid advances in technology and liberalization of the economy has created an ideal market for people/entities trying to misuse existing brand values that have been cultivated and nurtured over a period of time.  Counterfeiting is a serious crime.  The law punishes counterfeiters and those who purchase counterfeit goods (with fines and legal actions).

Counterfeit is an imitation which is a fake, made usually with the intent to deceptively represent its content or origins, thus increasing sales appeal due to the reputation of the imitated product.  The word counterfeit most frequently describes forgeries of currency or documents, but can also describe clothing, hardware, software, pharmaceuticals, watches, FMCGs... especially when this results in patent or trademark infringement.

When counterfeit goods are offered through conventional methods, investigators have the skills and experience to investigate and identify the source and make undercover purchases of products.  Undercover contact is sustained as necessary, and coordinates with local and national law enforcement to further the investigation as required.  It may also be prudent to conduct a long term Undercover Operation at the point of manufacture or within the supply chain to identify the source.

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