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PDCA thrive to cooperate with competent suppliers and subcontractors to meet client request and to continually improve the company’s operations in order to reach, efficiently and effectively, its goal and objectives. PDCA reliable activities involve a great number highly evaluated suppliers and subcontractors who provide added value to the chain value and final output.

Suppliers and Subcontractors are approved as per the following criteria:
Fix (50%): Cost Level (20%), Quality (10%), Delivery (10%), Reception (10%)
Variable(50%): Morality (5%), Payment Terms (15%), Contact Mode (5%), Contract (Legal liability) (5%), Management (Strategy) (5%), After Sales Services (10%), Place (Location) (5%)

PDCA issues periodic performance ratings of approved suppliers. Suppliers are informed of their rating. Suppliers and Subcontractors with a rating below 59 are rejected, between 60 and 79 are warned, above 80 are approved and listed below.

Apply to become a PDCA Supplier
Self Evaluation (PDF) (Please print, fill and send this form back to PDCA for evaluation)

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List of Suppliers:

Company Product Category Country Website
GMCS Consulting Services United States
Valentina IT Web System United Kingdom
  web design and development
Consultancy firm that specializes in helping the Food   Packaging industries

Food Safety Auditor Professional Coaching