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“We are committed to do what we promise to do effectively and efficiently”

Management at PDCA is committed to quality, safety, environment and continual improvement.  Our main object is to provide and deliver the best service in Consulting and Auditing, Training and Development, Recruiting, Project and Event Management, Counterfeit and Mystery Shopping in different areas of management, and to become reliable technical advisor and trusted partner.  PDCA is also committed to work in a safe and healthy environment, by complying to applicable obligations and by monitoring issues and interested parties needs and expectations, and by using the latest and most efficient information system and technologies.

PDCA strategic objective is to maintain and improve the quality of its service, so that it will be able to meet interested parties requirements, statutory, national and International norms and finally the internal managerial needs.  Our strength is that we can combine one-stop shop audits with different standards reducing the cost and the delivery time for the clients’ requirements.

PDCA thrive to cooperate with competent personnel and qualified experts to meet management systems’ requirements of International standards and to continually improve the company’s operations in order to reach, efficiently and effectively, its goal and objectives, eliminating Hazards and contributing to prevent pollution.

PDCA reliable activities involve a great number of well trained inspectors/auditors who provide added value to the inspections/audits.  They develop and cover every new demand and requirement of the market.  Management is dedicated towards upgrading PDCA personnel’s skills by constantly training them, continuously upraising their performance and maintaining the work conditions, to earn commitment and well-being.  Promoting personnel satisfaction and awareness are major managerial functions.

Under observance of the aforementioned, client satisfaction, pollution prevention and eliminating injury and ill-health are PDCA’s main priorities and key factors of success; Good willing, we aim to be our client’ major Management Provider.


When, in the course of human activities, it becomes necessary from organizations and its stakeholders to make a total uncompromising commitment to Safety, Security and Hygiene for its continuity, compliance, growth and for the good of all its workers and interested parties… 

We the members of PDCA do hereby acknowledge that we will do all in our power, every moment of the day, to make Safety, Security and Hygiene the number ONE commitment in our planning and in the fulfillment of our goals, tasks and activities.

Therefore, we do hereby declare and acknowledge our dependence upon each other. For the practice of Safety, Security and Hygiene is both a personal and mutual obligation.

We state our commitment in this verse titled “Our Sisters and Brothers Keepers” we are our sister’s and brother’s keepers, for Safety, Security and Hygiene calls for our uncompromising commitment to one another and to safety too.

I, promise that I will positively interact when I find you or anyone performing in an unsafe manner, and I hereby give you or anyone the permission and request from you or anyone to positively communicate with me if I was found performing in an unsafe manner. As I promise to immediately stop working and report any unsafe issue up in the hierarchy until reaching top management level, furthermore, consulting and participating with leadership to take necessary actions and improve.

We are human, you and I! incidents and injuries occur when we forget or act wrongly, not doing what is right and reasonable for our own safety. We are our sister’s and brother’s keepers, trusting one another for a safer workplace and environment, and for the purpose of this declaration, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our futures and our sacred honor.

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