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PDCA Net is a private company based in USA specialized in Consulting, Training and Development, Recruiting, Project and Event Management, Counterfeit and Mystery Shopping in different areas of management.


Since 2007, PDCA covers the Middle East region and USA, with over 100 major clients.  PDCA helps organizations realize their full potential through the implementation of vast majority of International standards that are highly specific to a particular product, material and/or process based on ISO 9000 (QMS), ISO 13000, ISO 14000 (EMS), OHSAS 18000 (OSHA), ISO45001 (SMS), ISO 22000 (HACCP/ FSMS/ FSSC), ISO 27000 (MIS), ISO 26000 (SRMS), GMP, GLP, Global G.A.P., CoC, SMETA/SEDEX (APSCA), CE... or any corporate training or activity required to optimize the clients business output.


  web design and development
Consultancy firm that specializes in helping the Food   Packaging industries

Food Safety Auditor Professional Coaching