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About ISO 10015:
The quality of a company´s workforce has become the key driver for sustained high-level performance.  The International Institute for Standardization has issued the ISO 10015 Quality of Training standard.

The ISO 10015 standard can be used by all organizations and helps address common concerns about company training programs, including:
- Training programs not focused on improving company performance
- Line managers not involved in planning the programs
- Uncertain criteria for developing trainers and selecting the training approaches
- Uncertain criteria for evaluating program effectiveness

The session is appropriate for a broad group of professionals, especially those in small-and-medium sized manufacturing firms. Specific job titles include:
- Managers of human resource departments
- Managers of human resource development/training departments
- Staff training designers and trainers
- Managers of quality initiatives
- Managers of safety departments
- Line managers and supervisors involved in training
- Staff consultants from vocational schools and community colleges

Companies can benefit from ISO 10015 by using it as an internal standard or eventually undergoing the formal certification process.


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