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Mystery Shopping (Mystery Consumer) is a tool used by market research organizations to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information.  Mystery shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then providing detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

Mystery Shopping was standard practice by the early 1940s as a way to measure employee integrity.  Tools used for mystery shopping assessments range from simple questionnaires to complete audio and video recordings.  Mystery shopping is also used to provide feedback on customer services provided by local authorities and other non-profit organizations.

Mystery Shopping areas: Movie Theaters and Cinemas, Indoor and Retail Sales, Online and e-commerce, Phone Call Center, Delivery, Hotel, Hospital, Club, Resorts, Spa, Health Clubs and Health Care Facilities, University, Bank, Promotion and Presentation, General Transportation (bus, airplane, boat, trains, metro...

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